domingo, 8 de abril de 2012

100 years of Titanic

This time we will learn  many interesting things about the most famous ship in the world and will prepare a presentation to take part in the "TITANIC PECHA-KUCHA" which will be held in the school next month.
Click HERE to go to the wiki with all the information and activities.
Enjoy the trip!
Good luck!!

domingo, 5 de febrero de 2012

Welcome to my Galaxy

Are you ready for a trip around the Solar System?
Come on, prepare all your equipment, and join the rocket crew.
The countdown has already started at:
Good luck!!

domingo, 8 de enero de 2012

Happy New Year

Are you ready to make your calendar?
Follow you teacher instructions...
And here's some information that might be useful:
- Check essential TIME EXPRESSIONS, then revise the names of months and seasons with these EXERCISES  or sing along the "Seasons Rap" HERE.

- And HERE are some important events that will occur in 2012
- Now, learn some time expressions and the prepositions you must use with them. Listen to your teacher, practise with the activities HERE and then try THIS GAME
- And to finish, HERE is an interactive calendar with important dates and, at least,  one activity for each day.
Not sure about when to use "at", "in" and "on" with time expressions?
Watch this video 

and study THIS LESSON about how to write and say dates. Then choose some of the exercises with days, months, dates... that you can find HERE
And, now it's time for some brain gym:
To revise SIMPLE PRESENT TENSE  you can try these activities:

Present Simple and Plural Activities, by Victoria-Ladybug
Find this and other present simple exercises in English Exercises .org
Click and Learn: 1ESO --> Lexicon --> Activities 

sábado, 5 de noviembre de 2011

"La Zafra Virtual Zoo"

La segunda tarea del curso la dedicaremos a los animales y más concretamente a algunas especies en peligro de extinción. Durante las próximas semanas vamos a investigar, hablar, leer... en definitiva, aprender más sobre ciertas especies animales que se encuentran amenazadas y ver si podemos hacer algo para frenar esas amenazas. Como tarea final, vamos a grabar una ENTREVISTA A UN ANIMAL que posteriormente editaremos y subiremos a la red para que podamos escucharlas y compartirlas más allá del aula. Pero para llegar a esa tarea final, hay que hacer otras muchas cosas. La primera será aprender a trabajar en grupo, colaborando y compartiendo responsabilidades. Os iré dando instrucciones sobre cómo actuar en cada momento, pero recuerda que en definitiva eres tú el o la principal responsable de tu trabajo y cada decisión que tomes será importante para el éxito final del proyecto.
And now... Let's start: 1. Make groups according to the teacher's instructions. Give the Group a name and start talking in order to choose an animal. Use the worksheet you will be given for this task. To help you choose your animal, you can find a list of main endangered species as well as pictures, videos and so on, at the BAGHEERA website. For a larger list of animal species, visit THIS WEB. At this stage you don't need to know a lot about these animals; just have a look and try to agree with the rest of your group on the name of YOUR animal.
When you have decided what animal to learn about, tell the teacher and follow his instructions.
Good Luck!!
(En este punto es necesario tener acceso a documentos que se puedan descargar, escribir en ellos, etc. Por eso, ahora nos mudamos a una wiki:

To continue the project, click HERE and follow the instructions. 

martes, 18 de octubre de 2011

What's in my pencil case?

Listen to this song about the things that you usually carry with you or that you can find in your school. Which words can you recognise? Write them down on your notebook.

In my pencil case I have: ....

In my backsack I have....

In my classroom I have...
Now, if you want, you can learn the song and mime the actions to remember thwe different objects.

miércoles, 12 de octubre de 2011

A song: "I am" by Hillary Duff

This is the song we are going to listen to and try to understand. Do you feel in some way identified with (some of) the adjectives that describe the girl of the song??. If you don't, change them to make the lyrics true for you!! Enjoy the song:

And HERE are the lyrics in case you want to print (or learn!) them.  

Guión para la presentación de "It's My World"

Este es el texto que hicimos para utilizar como guión en el acto de presentación de nuestra tarea en "IT´S MY WORLD". Incluye tus datos en los huecos, repásalo las veces que haga falta, practica con un/a compañero/a hasta que estés seguro/a de saber lo que vas a decir y cómo vas a decirlo cuando llegue el momento.

Good morning / good afternoon / good evening ladies and gentlemen.
My name is ….. and I want to introduce my site on the Internet:
First, go to This is my homepage.
Here is my picture, my name an my school.
Now, click on “my profile” and you'll find more information about me. For example:
  • I like...
  • I hate...
  • I'm scared of...
  • My favourite film is..
  • etc..
 I also have information about my city. Click on “My City Guide” and you'll find information about (Motril) For example
  • Places where you can stay / eat.....
  • The most important tourist spots..
  • etc... 
And, that's all. If you have any question, please, ask me or ask the teacher.
Thank you very much for your attention.